Are Your Plants Healthy?

Gardening as well as planting has become a trend nowadays. With how the media push the idea of eco life, many gardens have been planted with so many plants, from flowers to vegetables. Gardening itself needs a lot of cares and if you don’t do it well it might make your plants unwell. But how to diagnose the problems of your plants and what is the cause of the problems? Here we are going to give you some insight regarding the causes of ill plants.

Poor seed emergence

The signs of having a poor seed emergence could be caused by:

  • The seed: the seed you use might be old or infected with fungus.
  • Deepness: you plant the seed too deep or too shallow.
  • Temperature: you plant the seed in a dried location or in a location that is too wet, too cold  or too hot.
  • The soil: the soil you use to plant your seeds is too compact.
  • Fertilizer: you use too much fertilizer.


Seed with poor growth

Plants with poor growth problem might be caused by:

  • The lack of light
  • Overused of fertilizer
  • The temperature of the soil or the location of planting is too cool
  • Swollen seedlings that is caused by herbicide in the soil or some injury caused by mite feeding
  • Dying soil line seedlings that is caused by fungi
  • Leaf tip burn seedlings that is caused by overused of fertilizer or pesticide damage

Established plants

Here are some causes that cause your plants’ leave to be yellow, dead, or spotted with irregulars flecks, the causes are:

  • Lack of fertility
  • The temperature of the planting location or soil is too high
  • The light is too intense
  • Overused fertilization
  • You water it too much
  • There are magnesium, nitrogen, and potassium substances in the soil
  • The soil might be toxic by fluoride
  • Infections from bacterial, fungal and viruses
  • A mutation in a small area infected
  • Lack of nutrient
  • Lack of water
  • The soil is too humid
  • Soil exposure to ethylene
  • Rotten root
  • Leaves excreted by insects
  • Mold growing around the plants
  • Natural habitual of plants

The stem of your plants could also be ill by the causes bellow

  • Some viruses like mycoplasma infection
  • Lack of sun’s lights
  • lack of water, or too much water
  • too much light, or getting sunburn
  • soil damaged by pesticide
  • put  too much fertilizations
  • rotten root
  • the plants are infected by bacteria, fungus, and viruses
  • bitten by mite

The entire plants as well as the roots can be ill caused by the causes bellow:

  • lack of sun’s lights
  • the soil used to plant the plants is too compact
  • the root is rotten
  • the root is infected by viruses that cause it to swollen
  • only water the top layer of the plants
  • getting a sunburn because of the radiator reaction like from the tv or the phone signal
  • the soil you used for the plant is too wet.

That’s all the causes of your ill plants! If your plants show some signs of getting ill from its leaves, roots, stems, or entirely, be sure to look at the list to make a comparison consideration of your current plant condition so you will do a better approach to solve the problem! If your tree is ill, please seek the help of your local Tree Removal experts.


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