How To Set Up An English Garden

How to Plan an English Garden

English gardens are both beautiful and functional providing a place to relax and enjoy the sights and scents of plants in bloom. However, planning and setting up an English garden takes a good of work and thought. Here is a look at some tips on how to set up an English Garden.

When to Start Planning for Your Garden

It is always best to start your plans for the garden during the winter months, so that you are all set to carry out the plans once spring arrives. By formulating your plans for your English garden during the winter you give yourself time to order seeds, plants and other items like cheap oil delivery for your generators, that you will need for your garden.

Start By Planning Your English Garden on Paper

Draw out your garden plan using graph paper. Most English gardens are either square or rectangular and most are quite large. Draw out where you want your plants as well as including pathways for you to stroll through your garden. Pea stone is an excellent stone to use for your pathway, although if you plan on making your English garden permanent, a brick path can lend a more elegant edge to your English garden.

Most English gardens have some type of focal point such as a large statute, a fountain or a bird bath. Some English gardens may also feature a pond or even a Gazebo.

Add a Touch of Formalization to Your English Garden

English garden’s are oasis for most homeowners, which is why these gardens are often closed in by brick or stone walls or beautifully trimmed hedges. Enclosing your garden using a wall or hedges creates a feeling of privacy and adds a touch of formality to your garden.

Consider the Type of Plants You Want in Your Garden

One of the most important parts of your garden is deciding what plants you want to plant in your garden. A true English garden should combined flowering plants, vegetables and herbs, so that you garden is a mixture of beautiful flowers and delicate scents.

Normally, taller plants should be placed near the back of your garden and shorter plants towards the front, although doing a bit of mixing of heights can add a bit more interest to your garden.

Your plants should also be worked into a color scheme to help keep the more formal look of your garden.

Don’t Forget the Furniture

English gardens are meant to be places where you can relax. For that reason you need to include furniture in your garden. Providing a table and comfortable chairs to enjoy tea time in your garden, as well as a bench or two to sit and enjoy communing with nature. Adding comfortable furniture to your English garden only increases the enjoyment of you spending time among the beautiful plants, butterflies and wildlife.

Add A Topiary or Two

Adding a Topiary or two in the shape of an animal or other figure can add even more beauty and interest to your garden. Shrubs or even trees can be trimmed and trained to these unusual shapes.

While it does take time and effort to create an English garden, your efforts will be well worth it, when you have a beautiful oasis to create.