No Space Too Small: Organizing a Small Closet

Even the smallest closets can be made to store more than you would expect. The most important thing about closets is that you simply can’t use them as a place to stuff things when they’re in your way. Yes, believe it or not, organizing your small closet is actually the best way to maximize the space.

First, decide what purpose your closet will serve. Be sure that purpose fits in with your lifestyle and habits. Base your organizing on that decision. For instance, will your closet be for coats and shoes? Will it be for clothing? Linens? Crafts? Do you use the closet for organizing the client files professionally, as this family law attorney Cape Cod MA does.

Most stores that offer home building or organization products have closet kits or separate items to build your own. Changing the shelving situation isn’t as difficult as it may seem. However, if you’re having trouble, you can always hire a builder or professional closet designer.

Craft or food pantry closets will do best with a variety of shelving. Be sure to choose several different spacing and size options. Creating adjustable shelving within the entire space will allow for a variety of things to be stored, as well as maximize the spacing you do have, no matter how small. This is true for any closet that will store things with multiple sizes. Use storage bins, baskets, and other containers to organize smaller items.

If you’re storing coats and shoes (or any other combination of both hanging and shelving items), try to split the closet space up. For instance, you might choose to have a hanging rack on top and shelving on the bottom or split the space in half across the middle. Be sure to maximize the spacing you have available for shelving.

The main point is to use as much of the available space as possible. If there is empty space that you won’t need to use for items that are hanging, use it for a shelf. If there is a shelf that is too large for the items you have, break it up into smaller shelving units or use bins and other containers to hold the items. Rather than piling everything up into a massive heap of mess, maximize your closet space by organizing it better.