The Importance of Exterior Maintenance and Rot Repair

There’s more to maintaining the exterior of your DC area home or Event Space, than simply how it looks. Any damage to exterior of the building can be a warning sign of further issues down the road. Even something that doesn’t look serious now could lead to major problems such as moisture infiltration, pest invasions, or worse.

Curb appeal is secondary to the structural damage that could occur if external maintenance isn’t kept up. If you currently have any visible exterior damage, it’s important to get repair experts in to fix it right away. Here are some preventative strategies to consider to avoid costly exterior maintenance or rot repairs for your DC or Maryland home.

Maintain Your Gutters and Downspouts

The best way to stave off rot is to keep excess water away from the house as best as possible. Maintaining your gutters and downspouts is an important first step in proper exterior maintenance. Seeing that they are properly cleaned on a regular basis is a good start.

However, if you’re seeing rot around them, you’ll want to get them replaced. You’ll also need to have any damage in that area fixed up as soon as possible. Clogged or broken gutters and/or downspouts are not only ineffective. The excess moisture can even make things worse. Mold damage is a common side effect of having too much trapped moisture in the building envelope of your home.

Another place to watch is along the foundation. If you’re seeing stains or cracks, you’re going to want to bring in an expert to look at it immediately. Whatever the cost might be now is worth investing in now. It can only get worse if it stays in disrepair.

Broken or Loose Siding is a Serious Issue

Depending on what kind of siding you have, damaged siding can lead to a couple of problems. Broken siding can offer access to unwelcome guests from bugs to rodents. Old worn siding also may not keep out the elements as well  leading to moisture infiltration, a leading cause of rot.

If your siding is in especially bad shape, you’ll want to get a DC area rot repair specialist in to inspect the situation immediately. But even if you just have some shingles and panels loose or damaged, preventive maintenance is key.

How is Your Roofing Holding Up?

When it rains, you may not see it, but if your roof isn’t in good condition, moisture can get through and cause water damage. If you are seeing water stains in the walls or ceilings, it may already be too late. If it looks like there’s any damage on your roof, you’ll want to bring in an DC area roofing expert to have it checked out for potential issues.  Like with siding, preventative maintenance is the best thing to consider.

When it comes to any kind of exterior maintenance or rot repair, immediate attention is important. As soon as you see something that might need attention, call your local repair expert to check it out right away. It can only get better with proper care.