Things to Consider When Looking at Bathroom Tiling

If you are looking to tile your bathroom with a fresh new style and feel, here are some handy tips and advice before diving in head first:

  1. Tiling is arguably one of the most important parts of any bathroom and needs to follow a set of standards for safety and practicality. Basically bathroom tiling needs to be completely waterproof, stain resistant and easy to clean. In an environment that is wet and very humid, water damage is a very real possibility. So to avoid needless costly damages and unnecessary mould removal services make sure you are water-tight.
  2. Bathroom tiles also need to be slip resistant. For your own safety and the safety of your family, slip resistant tiling is very important. Something with a mat or rough finish for the floor and shower tiles is preferred. Although something like marble looks very beautiful, what good are your beautiful tiles if you are in a coma from slipping and bumping your head on the sink.
  3. Color is very important when considering what tiles to buy for your bathroom. It is no misconception that color can affect mood and emotion, so picking the right color pallet for your bathroom should be done carefully and meticulously. Normally a primary and secondary color is chosen and then tiling is chosen to fit within the lines of your pallet. For example, a warmer color pallet, with reds, oranges and browns creates a lovely calming environment to wind down and relax.
  4. Creating patterns and decorative designs with your tiling is also something to look into. Why have a solid color tile design when you could have a geometric pattern designed into the floor or walls. It is a simple but effective way to add character and your own unique style to your bathroom.
  5. A very beautiful and fetching design for bathrooms is a Rococo DeLuxe or Baroque theme. A Victorian inspired design that is best portrayed using Travertine tiling and elegant lavish border designs. Although execution is best reserved for the hands of a trained professional. Travertine is a form of limestone deposit that has a great fibrous texture that makes it excellent for bathroom tiling. Lining your shower in Travertine is a feasible option, as it is very slip and water resistant.
  6. If you are one for the neat and tidy look plain white mosaic titling is for you. Easily done by the hands of the untrained laymen, mosaic tiling offers a simple but crisp clean look and feel to your bathroom.
  7. A very popular design is the good old checkerboard. Using high contrasting colors, mainly black and white, to make a chessboard like pattern. This design is normally reserved for the floor tiles because doing your entire bathroom, floor and walls, in a checkerboard design can be very overwhelming.
  8. Colored glass tiling on the walls adds a unique twist to a bathroom. Mixing and matching colors creates a great rainbow like effect that glistens beautifully. However just sticking within your color pallet but still creating an almost random mosaic like design is also very appealing.