Top 10 Kitchen Design Trends of 2014

The NKBA recently announced the results of their annual Design Trends Survey. This survey is taken by 420 NKBA kitchen and bath designers throughout the United States and Canada. The 2014 edition found several major trends emerging in kitchen design. Here are the top ten kitchen design trends from that survey:

1) Contemporary kitchen designs have become the fastest-growing kitchen style in 2014. 

62 percent of the NKBA survey respondents said that contemporary kitchens were on the upswing after ending 2013 in second place. Transitional kitchen designs, a cross between traditional and contemporary kitchens, maintained a very small lead as the number one look for kitchens. Shaker styled kitchens remain solidly in third due in part to its versatility, lending itself to traditional or contemporary.

2) Growing Demand for Accessible and/or Universal Design in Kitchens

More than half of those designers surveyed (56 percent) included accessible and/or universal design and easy-maintenance features in their kitchens. Demand is only expected to continue..

3) Docking Stations, Charging Stations, and Flat-Screen TVs

Two-thirds of NKBA kitchen designers reported that they had incorporated docking and/or charging stations in their kitchens, as well as desks or home office areas. Slightly more than half also included lat-screen TVs in their projects. It’s a trend that is still on the upswing.

4) Outdoor Kitchens

43% of the surveyed designers worked on outdoor kitchens in 2013, and about 40% expect there will be even more in 2014.

5) Energy Saving Appliances

About 60% of designers focused on using energy-saving appliances in 2013. Also, 60% believe to see an increased demand for them in 2014. 40% of designers also have been specifying water-saving kitchen faucets, and about half of all respondents believed that the market for those will expand in 2014.

6) Furniture in the Kitchen

80% of respondents had kitchens which specified “furniture-type” pieces. This includes benches, free-standing cabinets, and more. About 60% of designers expect to have even more in 2014.

7) Trend Towards Quartz Countertops

Nearly three-quarters of respondents believe that quartz counter-top demand will continue to rise in 2014. 25% of designers also noted that they had specified countertops made with recycled materials.

8) Glass Backsplashes

While #3 on the list of popular materials for back-splashes, the market for glass back-splashes is predicted to grow in 2014.

9) Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless steel sinks have become the go-to sink material for new kitchens. Porcelain enamel sinks finish a distant second in popularity. One material that is growing in popularity for sinks, granite composite, is expected to continue its rise past third place in popularity in 2014.

10) LED Lighting

LED Lighting has become an extremely popular feature in many of today’s kitchens, due to their energy efficiency and low heat output. They also have dimming features, which make them extremely versatile.

Other high-demand kitchen features mentioned in the survey include:

  • Induction cooktops
  • Steam ovens
  • French-door refrigerators
  • Bottom freezer refrigerators
  • Touch-activated faucets or Electronic (no touch) faucets

Are any of these trends ones that you would like to integrate into remodeling your existing kitchen? If you have any questions on how some of these options may work for you, call your friendly neighborhood design/build contractor!

Photo Credit: via Compfight cc