Why Infrared Garden Cameras Are Good for Home Security

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Have you noticed something lurking in your front yard at night? Maybe even in your backyard? Well, there are infrared garden cameras available for home security to give you peace of mind. That way, you can find out if it’s actually innocent wildlife or if you have unwelcome nightly visitors to your property.


These are similar to the thermal imaging cameras professionals use in building maintenance, such as inspecting home roofs with infrared. The same companies such as FLIR that make the professional grade cameras make home & outdoor cameras, too. These don’t come cheap, but they are professional grade and can be used for a wide range of other functions, too.


If you’re looking to get the best outdoor security cameras that you can install on a budget, Google and Arlo have a couple of very solid options for $400 or less. The less expensive models have 1080p resolution, while more expensive models have 4K video quality. They both have infrared night vision options for night time surveillance. These cameras have motion detection and sound detection, with the Arlo product even offering auto-zoom.


Unfortunately, the Google option can get expensive due to requiring an Internet connection without a data cap and lots of cloud storage. The Arlo product doesn’t have the cloud storage issue, fortunately. However, due to being able to run 24/7, you do want to be sure that your Internet connection can handle the video feed consistently.


If you’re looking for a third option under $200, there is the D-Link outdoor wi-fi camera. While it doesn’t have all of the features of the Google and Arlo options, it does offer free cloud storage for camera footage. It also still offers motion and sound detection. These models are also weather-resistant.


What makes these garden cameras so useful is they can be easily concealed. Being able to check what’s going on outside on your mobile phone or desktop computer is a comforting security option. Also, you can have peace of mind to know if someone is actually up to no good and have video evidence in real time.


So, if you’ve been feeling like you need to upgrade your home security, these wireless garden cameras could be an affordable solution. Just be sure to keep fresh batteries in them to keep them activated. They’re easy to set up and use, giving you night vision to be able to ensure your home’s privacy.